Artist Statement

"I'm Your Big Sister" by Luana Luconi Winner

As a portrait painter, I am commissioned to portray people “in their best light” often with a complex visual explanation of who they are or have been in their capacity at a university, a corporation, a bank, a hospital, or other business. But simply as an observer of people on an everyday basis, I find beautiful subtle moments that capture the simplest of childhood pleasures and quiet memory making moments.

"The Costume Shop" by Luana Luconi Winner

My daughter, a classical singer, while performing at Krannert Performing Arts Center, took me for a tour of the underground. The city block sized complex, designed by Max Abramovitz, who also designed the Kennedy Center, includes five different theaters and all the working shops to support the performances. Rehearsal rooms, instrument storage, lighting and sound engineering, and scene, prop, and costume shops. It takes hundreds of hours by dozens of people to create a moment in the spotlight for the key performer to enthrall and audience. Seeing this support system initiated my series of backstage images.