Artist Statement

 "Seaside Crag" by Terrilynn Dubreuil

 "Seaside Crag" is one of those ambiguous places that could be most anywhere in the world:  a sea cliff in Maine, a precipice in the Andes, or the edge of a mountain in North Carolina.  Textures are created with a rough underpainting of Fine Pumice Gel on board with the bristle strokes showing through, splatterings of water or other solvents, and scratches of sticks found on a walk in Nature. The wonderful vertical strokes gives the viewer that sense of power and energy in the rocky cliff. 


"Forest Daybreak" by Terrilynn Dubreuil


"Forest Daybreak" captures the early morning sparkling through trees and climbing ivy with color, light, and texture.  Painted on board coated with Coarse Pumice Gel, the initial layers of PanPastels had to be washed into the crevasses with alcohol and brush, which also created beautiful dripping surprises.  The upper layers reveal how the pastel sticks skip merrily across the peaks of that texture giving a wonderful glitter to the scene.  The best surprise of this painting was the joy it afforded in the process of coming to be.