• Best In Show, $1,000 - “Fading Away” by Debbie Rasberry

  • First Place, $800 - "Into the Game" by Tracy Ference

  • Second Place, $650 - “Orchid Shadows” by Maggie Whitney

  • Third Place, $550 - “Crab Basket” by Deborah Covington

  • Mona Hearne Award $250 - “Venetian Wandering” by Nancie King Mertz

Awards of Excellence

  • “Whitney” by Anthony Hedrick

  • “Garden Light” by Daphne Boder

  • “Solitude” by Robbins Richardson

  • “A Passage of Time” by Ashley Mortenson

  • “In a Blaze of Glory” by Barbara Garwood

  • “Colorful Canopy” by Nancy Wahl

  • “Sanctuary” by Michael Jarman

  • “My Time of Life” by Nancy Marshburn

  • “Rushing Home” by Laura Pollak

  • “Sunset Snow” by Gail Hurt


Honorable Mention Awards

  • “Boots in the Light” by Dorothy Whitmore

  • “Late Winter Waterway” by Ginny Stocker

  • “Branching Out” by Amelia Taylor

  • “The Tent of Thought Where I Shelter” by Diane Pike

  • “Childhood Series: I’m Your Big Sister” by Luana Luconi Winner

  • “Into the Woods” by Fred Fielding

  • “Bearly Possible” by Cynthia Metsker

  • “Pewter Pitcher” by Gary Rupp

  • “A Glimpse, Gone!” by Leslie Hudson-Tolles

  • “Dance of the Nets” by Jay DeChesere